How many of us are told to keep hydrated?

Well, I will admit, I worry about keeping hydrated and am always looking for something to help.

I was delighted to see a social media post from Alzheimer Scotland recommending a new gadget, that is used to help people keep hydrated. I wondered if Alzheimer Scotland had completed any product testing, as the social media post didn’t make any comment about it’s suitability for older adults, or anyone who struggles with technology.

Reading the product reviews online, I didn’t see any mention of older adults in the product description or reviews, just that it had been tested by doctors and engineers.

I thought it was an ideal candidate for our Product Panel.

Ulla Lagoon Blue Smart Hydration Reminder: £15.99 (Amazon)

Two of our members kindly offered to put it to the test and provided the following review:

The product arrived quickly and was neat and compact. It was brightly coloured and the packaging was engaging.

However, the strong rubber band, that was used to attach it to a tumbler was very difficult to apply, and not for someone with arthritic hands or reduced motor skills. The light came on before the allotted time, which was confusing, and for no good reason. The light was slightly distracting and didn’t really remind you to take a drink of water.

Overall – it was not designed for older adults! It is aimed at younger people, attending the gym or sitting at a desk.

To be fair to the manufacturers, they never claimed the product was suited to older adults, so I am not sure who Alzheimer Scotland were recommending it to.


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