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Playlist for Life – Falkirk Event

Do you live in Falkirk Council? Do you live with dementia or support people in your community who do? Join our free information session on the power of meaningful music for dementia.

You are invited to a special event dedicated to exploring the profound connection between personal music and dementia. This event is tailored for community leaders, individuals with lived experience, caregivers, and anyone interested in discovering the therapeutic benefits of personalised music in the context of dementia care.


  • Understanding the Impact of Music on Dementia
  • Personal Stories: Sharing Experiences and Insights
  • Interactive Workshops: Learning to create your own playlist and using it therapeutically
  • Refreshments

This event aims to create a supportive space for sharing experiences, gaining knowledge, and discovering the powerful role music plays in enhancing the lives of those affected by dementia. We encourage you to think of a couple of songs that are meaningful to you to share at the event.

Here’s the link to register: If you re unable to use the sign up form please email to book.



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